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Wordscapes® resume writing assistance in Calgary will offer you one-on-one expertise and support to help you write the best resume that suits your job category. Your resume is the most important tool in your job search that must meet the ATS (Application Tracking System) requirements, especially in today’s highly competitive work environment. Wordscapes® will help you hurdle the obstacles to achieving broader career goals.

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Wordscapes® is a Calgary resume writing service that helps job seekers present their professional skills in the clearest manner to potential employers and recruiters.

Our resume writing services are available to everyone, and our clientele includes recent graduates, medical, hospitality, retail, technologists, therapists, trades, executives, engineers, and job seekers in all sectors.

Quick Turnaround

Reasonable Rates

In-Person Interview

Writing a resume is more difficult than it appears as recruiters often glance at a resume only once.

Wordscapes® will craft a relevant, effective resume that provides the branding you need to stand out from the crowd.

You have about ten seconds to impress a potential employer, and that’s why properly promoting your career goals, past work experience, education, and other information is vital to getting that dream job. Our CV preparation service can help you get there.

We understand what hiring managers want. Our resume writing service will guide you in crafting the perfect resume and cover letter.

When you consider the return on your personal investment, the costs are minimal indeed. Quite simply, your resume matters!



When can I expect to have my resume after our first meeting?

Generally, your resume can be completed within 2 – 3 days.


What Makes Wordscapes® different than other resume companies?

Wordscapes® is the most experienced resume writing service with over 35 years of experience creating effective resumes for job seekers in all sectors.  Also, we are one of the very few resume companies that will meet with you in person.

What's included in my resume package?

Your resume package includes the design, writing, consulting, PDF and WORD files, workmanship guarantee and 35 years of resume writing experience. We also archive your resume package for future updates.

Does the resume package include free updates?

No. However updates are usually completed in the same session and at far reduced costs.

Do you guarantee I will get a job from my resume?

No. Companies can never guarantee their customers will get a job with their resumes. However, our resumes are very effective if you conduct your job search properly.

Wordscapes® Resume Writing Service

Serving Calgary For Over 35 Years

All resume packages include a thorough 1-hour interview, consultation, customer proof, PDF/WORD electronic files and over 35 years of successful professional resume writing experience with proven results.

When Only Perfection Will DO

Wordscapes® is one of the few resume companies that “writes” your resume from start to finish and meets with you in person to consult and gather your information.

35 Years of Resume Writing Expertise

We’re Here To Make You Look Good

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