The other day I spotted David Turner getting out of his bright orange Lotus Elise sports car and realized that I had to thank him for all the great years of service he has given me for over 2 decades. I have been a long time client of Wordscapes and have always been impressed with the consistent quality, professional and efficient service Wordscapes provides at reasonable rates.

I told David how happy I was with his service and he thanked me for the feedback. When we parted, I secretly worried what I would do if Wordscapes weren’t here to save me. As a long time very satisfied customer, I would highly recommend Wordscapes to all job seekers. You won’t be disappointed.

Chris P., Senior Editor

I am so amazed at what a difference a good resume can make. David at Wordscapes sat down and patiently listened to my confused and scattered dialogue, and created an amazing resume for me that was very easy to read, professional and told my story with tons of skill sets that I didn’t even realize I had. I am so impressed with the work David did for me and the compliments and excellent results I got from my new resume. Well worth the money!

Angela W., Researcher



As soon as I met David at his office, I knew I was getting one of the best resume writers in Canada to help me promote myself. He made me feel comfortable and was very skilled in asking the right questions to build my resume during my interview with him.

I had no idea where to begin, and I came into the meeting totally unprepared with no content or old resume for David to work from. No problem. At the end of our hour meeting, I was confident that I had come to the right place. I was not disappointed. The resume he wrote for me was unbelievable! Total magic! The whole process was effortless, and I have always received excellent results when I apply to competitions. In no time I was back to work in a new field. David made the whole resume writing process look easy.

Brad R., Marketing Director

Oh man! I had only a rough idea what I wanted to say for my resume but nothing more. I was so pleased when I met David right off the bat! He made me feel so comfortable and relaxed in what could have been a very tense situation. No problem. He has a gift for interviewing, and that made all the difference in the world to me.

So happy with the final results! I could never have done this myself! No mess, no fuss!! I’d even hire me!!! I highly recommend this service with Wordscapes!

Gordon S, Line Cook & Kitchen Helper

David Turner of WORDSCAPES® is very skilled at the art of resume writing. His ability to sit down and do a one-on-one interview before writing the resume is in-depth and second to none. It helped me target the markets I wanted to work in and boosted my confidence.

Theresa V., Technical Writer

Going to a professional resume writing service was a new experience for me and I had no idea what to expect. I just showed up with absolutely nothing. David asked me a lot of questions and gave me a lot of great advice and tips to help me in my job search. He has a consultation element in the service, which made the entire experience even better value for me. I immediately began to feel more confident in myself and was completely happy with my resume he created for me. I have since sent a few other friends and colleagues to Wordscapes, and their stories about Wordscapes are all similar. Excellent advice and excellent resume and cover letter packages that got immediate results. I highly recommend Wordscapes.

Darryl C., Construction Project Superintendent

Good work David! I landed an excellent position in a very competitive market. They said my resume was so easy to read and did not have to dig and search to find the competencies I had that they required for the job. Thanks for all your support and information. You made this easy!

Randy G., Apprentice Pipefitter

David, I saw you last month, and I got the job you helped me with. You knocked it out of the park!! They loved me, and they loved my resume. Thanks so very much. I’m sending some other people to you.

Christopher E., Master Electrician

When applying for a promotion recently, I was able to fly past all other applicants to the Selection Committee and was hired without all the issues that come with job searching just because my resume that I had Wordscapes write was so easy for everyone to read and extract the abilities required for the posting. Excellent work Wordscapes!

Constable Richard S.

David, I have to tell you something. I’ve been a long time customer of yours and have referred many people to you over the years. They have all said that they were very pleased with the services you provided them and that your results have always been very impressive. Just thought you should know what a difference your service has made to these people and myself. Take care old Word Master!!! I hope you keep doing this for many more years. You are providing a valuable service.

Anthony V., Regional Manager of Transportation and Logistics

I never thought I needed a good resume to work in my area of work, but having the extra edge certainly made a big difference for me. I think David made me sound smarter than I am, but hey whatever! Extremely satisfied with your work David!

Terry W., Construction Equipment Operator & General Labourer

Hey David, love your articles on this site!!! I saw you last year, and your resume worked great and helped me land a sweet executive position with a company I love. Thanks for helping me through a very difficult time.

Andrea B., Health & Safety Superintendent

Not long ago, I had my resume written by Wordscapes. The resume is top rate, well written, accurate, nicely designed and reasonably priced with a quick turn-around. My couple meetings with David was a very beneficial growing experience for me. He made me feel more confident about myself and my job search abilities. David gave me enough tips to get me up and running. The resume worked like a damn! In no time I had a few interviews and was quickly hired. I am sooooooo happy!!!! Thanks David for all your help and patience! I got so much more from your services than just having my resume done. You made a big difference for me.

Sara T., Executive Administrator

O.K. so I feel I should be able to write a good resume, after all I see thousands of them every day. But I can’t and I don’t even know where to begin. I do know when I see an excellent resume but they are rare. Now it’s finally my turn to get my resume written, and I went to Wordscapes because I know David’s work. He’s one of the best resume writers in the world. Our meeting was engaging and very informative. I came out with a superb resume and a pile of wonderful tidbits of information that put clarity to the whole job searching process. I also felt a whole lot better about myself. That was a bonus. I had quite a few hits with the resume, and was able to choose the best fitting job for me. Wonderful job David.

Shelly J., Human Resources Generalist

David, I saw you a couple of months ago and got the job I came to you to write my resume. Everyone loved your resume. Thanks for all your great advice and direction, and for putting up with me. I’ll see you one day for an update. Until then keep resume writing!

Todd P., GIS Specialist

David, last year I came to you as a client for a Municipal Judge competition, and you contested a number of my ideas when you were preparing my resume. At the time we joked that you should’ve been a Crown Prosecutor! What a great job you did for me and enjoyable time we had. You gave me a lot of insight and I kept thinking about it over the past year and finally thought you should know. Our time together was educational, informative and entertaining! What better customer experience could one have!! Thanks buddy for imparting some of your wisdom, wit and humour.

Grant P., Federal Crown Prosecutor

Recently I was hired for a major senior management position with a Fortune 500 firm after having my resume prepared by Wordscapes. At a job performance meeting with my manager last week, I asked how many people applied for my position. Wordscapes® Resume ServiceHe said over 400 applicants applied for my job.

When I asked my manager why I was hired, he said that my resume was the only one in the pile that he read. He stated that it was a no-brainer to scan through my resume and quickly find the checklist of skills and competencies he was looking for. My manager said he didn’t have to dig in and read the resume like all the other resumes he’s had to go through. Everything was easy to find. After our initial telephone conversation, my manager called me in a couple of times over the following weeks for multi-level interviews with other partners. Eventually, I was hired, and am so pleased with my new job. David gave me numerous useful tips during our meeting. And believe me, I had countless questions and concerns that I tossed at him. Effortlessly he put all the pieces together in my new resume to make sense and promote my features and skills to the employer. David is a word wizard. Go to him and find out for yourself!

Robert K., Vice President of Partner Services

Hi David,
I want to let you know that I got a job, and it is important to recognize how important your work was to achieve this positive result in such a short period of time. My new position is Program Facilitator for a women in need organization. Thank you Very much and I will be recommending your services.

Mary H., Program Facilitator

Quickly it became clear to me when phoning around to the numerous resume services that they weren’t all equal. I was attracted to the services of Wordscapes because David spent time with me on the phone and in-person to go through all aspects of my career and job search expectations. I was impressed that he was one of the only resume writers to meet me in-person. I was not comfortable having my resume done by someone I had never met over the phone. Not to mention handing out my credit card to someone I did not know. David made it clear he did not charge by the hour, so I was very comfortable with that. I didn’t expect him to be so efficient in our interview and produce the resume in such a quick turn-around. He gave the direction, advice, and patience that I needed to get my resume done properly. He turned out a masterpiece for sure with excellent results! I guess when you’ve been writing resumes for as long as he has, you’re bound to be good. He’s reasonably priced and does know what he’s talking about. As far as resume services – this is the real deal.

Linda W., Director of Youth Programming

Never thought I’d say this, but I enjoyed my resume writing experience with Wordscapes. I went to see David on a referral from a past client of Wordscapes, and I have to say I was immediately comfortable with the whole experience. He has a knack for pulling out the relevant information from his customers during the interview process.

Initially, I was skeptical, nervous and doubtful. How can someone write a resume about someone they don’t even know. Well, within 10 minutes of our meeting, I knew I had come to the right person. This guy is a master! After writing resumes for over 30 years, I guess you would be an expert.

 The final product was top-rate at a very reasonable price!!! Easy to read, accurate, thorough and replete with transferable skills. David told me he likes to think of it as a “smorgasbord of skill sets – let the reader pick and choose what skill sets of mine they wish to consume.” Brilliant! We covered a lot of ground in our hour together. David always was able to articulate my thoughts when I had trouble expressing them effortlessly. My resume turned out perfect. “Hell I’d even hire me!”, I told him. He said he here’s that from his clients all the time after they read their new resume for the first time. Yes, I hate to admit it, but I had a good time having my resume prepared with David. Keep up the great work!

Donald G., Senior Division Marketing Manager


I have heard of your services from a friend Diana and she told me that what you guys offer in terms of resume review and job search is top notch, and the placement and interviews she got were quick. I would like to get an assessment.

James, Inquirer

My son got a job interview the very next day and just confirmed he got employment today. Thank you so much for doing a great job. May the Lord pour a blessing on you for helping us through a difficult time.

Colleen, Mother