Ask that question of most people, and they’ll reply– so I can eat or pay the rent. When asked what they would do if they won the lottery or had more money than wanted or needed, a surprisingly high number say they would continue working– not necessarily full-time or at the same job, but in some form of work. So, why else do people work?

  1. Most people need to feel they are part of a group and be accepted by those around the most. We need to talk to others and share our thoughts with them. Being noticed, liked and accepted gives us a sense of belonging. Most work involves some contact with other people– employers, co-workers, customers, and clients. By making friends and sharing experiences with others at work, we can satisfy some of our social needs.

  1. Most people want to feel good about themselves. We increase our levels of self-esteem and confidence when we achieve our goals. Most people like to help others and feel useful. Even those who don’t financially need to work, volunteer their time and services to maintain their need for self-respect, self-esteem, and self-confidence.

  1. Most people also need to feel fulfilled and value, considering their efforts in life are worthwhile. Self-fulfillment means to satisfy our personal needs and desires– in both our working and non-working lives. People who find their jobs fulfilling see work as an opportunity to gain more knowledge, develop new skills and reach new goals. They continually challenge themselves to discover different meanings and interests in life.

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