How To Increase Your Chance Of Promotion At Work

Job promotions are not something that happens all of a sudden. Getting promoted is not only about your growth, but it is equally proportional to the benefits an organization expects you to deliver for them. In short to expect a promotion one has to prove their abilities and capability as an individual or in other words be an efficient employee.

To achieve the status of an efficient employee, one must keep the following things in mind:

· Ensure that you do your job well within the time and at desired quality levels

· Master your job: make sure you know the current position you are on as well as the back of your hand. Be an expert.

· Try and keep yourself away from workplace politics and gossips. Do not exclude yourself from workplace politics because having contacts and having influence can help as well as hinder, so be selective and have the correct approach.

· Be a good listener; this will always help you to enhance your working capabilities.

· Have a positive approach towards responsibilities delegated on you.

· Always try and do a bit extra than asked to do while strictly keeping in mind the work done is acceptable and useful to the company.

· Look presentable: Although it may sound strange that how the way you look has an impact on your working capacities, it changes the way a person perceives you.

· In some instances where after meeting all the above points, a promotion is not forth-coming, be patient and hang on – it’s on the way.

· Continuously keep upgrading your skills to rapid changes in technology and management approaches, as an employee must improve continuously to perform well and keep the chances for promotion alive.

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