Remember that a proposal, like a resume and cover letter, is an opportunity to market your skills and make a good impression.

Review the checklist for writing a covering letter and apply the same criteria to writing your proposal. Deliver your proposal by mail, e-mail, or fax it to the company. Enclose your business card and a brochure of your firm, if you have these.



An introductory paragraph is stating this is in response to a request for the project proposal. You can refer here to the need that prompted the application for the proposal and the objectives of the project. Or you can place the goals in a separate category.


In point-form, list the goals of the project as you understand them.
? Do not add new targets not discussed.
? Start each item with an action verb preceded by the word “to,” for example, “to develop a training session.”
? In uncomplicated proposals, the objectives and the description of the work could be the same.

Description of the Work to be Done

Explain and describe precisely what you will do.
– Be specific so that no misunderstandings occur
– Use names and numbers
– Be sure you can deliver what you say

These descriptions will be in your contract and quoted in your agreement. You will undoubtedly refer to these while you are working on your commitment as a reminder of what you agree to deliver.

Outline of Your Qualifications

– Keep these relevant to the project
– Be clear and concise
– Use highlights of your qualifications; only this is where you emphasize your expertise. (This section will not be necessary if this is a letter confirming a verbal agreement.)


– State when you can begin the project
– State when you will complete the project
– State what deadlines, if any, will be in place for various steps of the project


– Indicate if fees are to be a flat fee or a fee
– Indicate if charges are to be paid in one lump sum or at the end of the project or paid in part as different steps completed in the project
– Separate fees and expenses
– Outline what the company will pay for
– Don’t forget about travel, meal or accommodation costs, if applicable

If you’re not sure what to charge, ask what kind of a budget the company has in mind, or ask people who have done similar contracts or projects for some guidelines.

Contact Information

– Be sure to include your name, address, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail address if applicable
– Sign the letter accompanying the proposal, or the actual project, if it is in letter format

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