Your goals must be specific, measurable, realistic and time-targeted. Otherwise, they may be forever elusive. Having a poorly defined goal is like leaving for a trip without a particular destination.

Try writing down one of your goals using the guidelines stated above. If you are still not clear on which, for example: “I will gather all the information available regarding entrepreneurship by conducting print, and people research no later than date/month/year.”

Writing your goals down can be a powerful motivator to achieving them.

Write down some of your goals now.

Your wishes will always be wishes unless you take action.

Where do you begin? Start with your goal and break it down into smaller steps, or short-term goals.

Action Plan
Goal: I will gather all the information available regarding entrepreneurship by conducting print, and people research no later than date/month/year.

Tasks (Near Future)

  • Visit career center
  • Perform a search on the internet and read all resources
  • Create a list of people to interview for information
  • Set up appointments to interview people

Tasks (Later)

  • Meet with members of networking organizations
  • Register for evening courses

When planning, it’s always a good idea to have a positive outlook, and expect the best results. That way, you’re more likely to achieve the desired results. It’s also important to identify potential obstacles to prepare some backup plans.

Complete the barrier identification activity so that you are ready for the challenges you may face ahead.

Below is a list of some of the pitfalls encountered by interviewees:

I’ve been laid off three times now. I’ve asked me, what am I doing wrong?’ But you see, the industry I work in has had some hard blows due to the economy. Anyway, now I’m looking at options. I’m re-evaluating my career so that I’m not so susceptible to layoffs. It’s difficult always to be up and positive, but you have to try.” Gary, 34, Civil Technologist

” I experienced a tremendous loss of self-esteem, and I had a sense that I had lost my integrity.” Wendy, 55, Office Support Administrator

” At this time in my life, what are the chances of finding a job similar to the one I had, with similar pay? Realistically, very little. In my field of expertise, the opportunities are few. So, it takes a while to adjust.”
Bob, 50, Senior Manager

” The magnitude of the current situation wasn’t apparent at first. It is now. I’ve been out of work for eight months now.” Derek, 45, Transport Planning Engineer

” I took the layoff personally; I blamed myself. I lost whatever confidence I had left; I was my own worst enemy.” Stephanie, 37, Pharmacist

Barrier Identification
Think carefully about obstacles or barriers you might encounter on the path to achieve your goals. Below is a checklist of possible barriers. Check off the barriers that apply to you and add any other potential barriers specific to your situation that don’t appear on the list. Beside each obstacle, list a minimum of 3 suggestions of how to overcome these obstacles. For example;

Lack of Money (to start a new business)

  1. Investigate Alberta Opportunity Company
  2. Contact the Federal Business Development Bank
  3. Locate private investors

Means to Overcome Barriers
_ Lack of Time
_ Lack of Required Skills
_ Lack of Experience
_ Lack of Support
_ Lack of Education
_ Lack of Money
_ Lack of Knowledge
_ Fear of Failure
_ Fear of the Unknown
_ Fear of Risk-Taking
_ Procrastination
_ Lack of Confidence

Beside each barrier write down a possible solution to your barrier.

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