As the first wave of Baby Boomers nears retirement age, they’re beginning to realize that unlike their predecessors, they have many options. Here’s a look at some of the Baby Boomer retirement options this group of mature adults is choosing.

They’re working long past retirement age
The generations that came before the Baby Boomers retired from the workforce at either age 62 or 65 or sometimes 67. They got their pensions and their social security checks, and before long, they sold their homes and moved in with their adult children where they stayed until their passing. But not today’s Baby Boomers!

It’s almost like collectively they’re saying, “What me, retire?” Instead of closing up shop, they’re choosing to remain in the workforce, working part-time and sometimes full time, sometimes out of necessity, but more often, they’re continuing with work that they enjoy. For this group, the Baby Boomer retirement option they’re choosing is to postpone retirement.

They’re volunteering

Another favourite Baby Boomer retirement option is volunteering. Almost to reverse a lifetime of putting “me-first,” Baby boomers are ready to give back. And there’s no shortage of ways they’re giving back. They’re becoming foster grandparents, and they’re sharing their business experiences with up-and-coming entrepreneurs. They’re giving their time to charitable organizations such as the Red Cross, the Salvation Army, and the Peace Corps. They’re volunteering at schools and hospitals, speaking on college campuses, and they’re helping out at senior centers.

They’re making health a priority

Long gone are the days of 80-hour workweeks, experimenting with mind-altering drugs, overindulging on food, alcohol and nicotine and all those other bad habits that Baby Boomers are known to have. For many, Baby Boomer retirement is a time to make health a priority. Baby boomers are going to the gym, riding bikes, playing tennis and golf, swimming, dancing, hiking, and canoeing. They’re doing whatever they can (and what they enjoy doing) to keep their bodies moving. They’re quitting bad habits and eating nutritious meals, and many are living longer as a result.

They’re traveling more

The senior travel business is booming as it tries to keep pace with another favourite Baby Boomer retirement option. No longer feeling the need to plan for their children’s futures, more Baby Boomers believe that “You can’t take it with you!” They’re talking about the money they’ve accrued during their work years, and they’re certainly having no trouble finding ways to spend it. They’re visiting places they never before had a chance to see, and they’re returning to old favourites. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a 2-month hiatus, alone or with friends or loved ones, Baby Boomers are enjoying their travels.

They’re going out with a bang

If there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s that the Baby Boomers definitely won’t ride quietly into the sunset. Like every other thing they’ve done in their long lives, they Baby boomer retirement options they choose won’t be mainstream!

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