No matter what your career, you will periodically face stressful situations from time to time. Handling stress in the workplace is challenging. Those that manage it well will be top candidates for career advancement.

Stress management requires skills and techniques, learned over time in a work environment or through career enhancement courses.

The first practical step in stress management is to “carve” away at it a little at a time. Solving stress issues with a “rip the band-aid off” approach more often than not creates even more pressure. Take a step-at-at time approach to resolving the problem.

Second, most stress at the office starts at home. Take a look at your personal life. If you can narrow down the issues of what is causing the stress, you can then begin to work it out slowly. Once things are running better at home, they will be better in your work arena, too.

Third, your job and career can be a stressful one. If it is, decide either how you can handle the stress better or think of changing careers. You may need outside help with this decision, and this is where a lot of other career enhancement tools come into play: by providing support and information for this type of choice.

It’s also important to know many people experience severe stress in their careers. You are not alone. Career-minded individuals focus on success tend to stick with their jobs over the long haul. To advance and prove your value when the next round of promotions come, you must be able to deal with stress effectively.

Finally, a few quick tools to help with stress: 1. Avoid stress 2. Stay focused on your work. 3. Exceed expectations by demanding excellence from yourself, even if no one else does.

Be Organized Keep a day planner and use it!

Talk less. Professionals focus on doing their work. Gossip creates stress. Playing “he said she said” is not only tacky but dangerous. Danger will cause stress.

These little tools will help while you look for more meaningful and better solutions in handling stress on your way to career advancement. There is also career enhancement information for your use at Career Enhancement Basics.

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