We are living through changes that are affecting our lives and workplaces. Downsizing, new technologies, increasing part-time work, more home-based businesses, a graying population, global competition – many factors are affecting the job market.

Change is constant and rapid. No job is secure. People may have to change careers several times and explore different work arrangements during their professional life. New technologies usually require new skills, and many individuals have to pursue more training to be competitive. Increasingly employers are looking for “knowledge workers,” people with a variety of technical, communication and computer-based skills.

And people change, too.

You may be in a job you don’t like and are ready for something different – a new kind of work, perhaps, or your own business. You may be rethinking your goals for the future. Whether you’re a student, a recent graduate or already in the workforce, here are some questions you should be asking yourself.

–  How can I do well in today’s rapidly changing labour market?
–  How am I going to be flexible and adaptable so that I can handle change well?
–  What is the best way to stay knowledgeable about trends and get up-to-date information?
–  Is it time to re-assess my skills and interests, my strengths and weaknesses?
–  How can my life experiences contribute to my employability?
–  Should I be thinking about getting more education or training?

The information on these web pages are designed to help you answer these questions and start taking charge of your future.

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