Now you’re ready to identify your job goals based on your analysis of your needs, interests, likes, dislikes and transferable skills.

Make a list of employers whom you want to target. These will be employers who are likely to employ people with your skills and whose businesses appeal to you.

Ask family, friends and previous work associates for their input on job targets for you. Keep a list of the suggestions. At this stage, you’re exploring and generating a list of options. Later you can select the ones that are most appealing to you– the ones that you will target and develop your strategy.

Identifying occupations that match your needs, interests and skills may not be easy. If you are having difficulty with this step, you may want to contact your local Career Development Centre or Canada-Alberta Service Centre for assistance in narrowing down your job targets.

Always remember, “The Product Is You.”

Myth: There are no jobs out there.
Reality: There is lots of work. Network to learn where to find the jobs. Most jobs are not advertised, so you need to build leads.

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