The People Who Might Be Able To Help You:

– People you work with
– People you have worked with
– Friends
– Family, relatives
– Acquaintances
– People who are currently working in a job and in an occupational area you are interested in
– People who have worked with people in the field you are interested in
– People at government offices and community agencies
– People in particular interest groups
– Career counsellors and consultants at Career Development Centres
– Career advisors and consultants who work with private companies
– Past employers
– Present employers
– Employers in the areas that you are interested in
– Professional and trade associations
– Trainers, instructors or professors in your field of interest

How Will You Contact These People:

– Make a list of the people you want to reach. Include employers and individuals from associations
– Make a plan of who you will call and when
– Decide which people you are just going to call and to on the telephone and that people you want to meet with to discuss your needs in detail
– Decide which people you will call first
– Write down questions you are going to ask before making the calls
– Check out the annual reports of your targeted companies
Libraries and Labor Market Information Centres carry copies of the latest annual reports
– Find out which businesses and associations you would like to contact

Some Questions You Might Ask:

– Do you know someone who might be able to help me
– Where do I find more information
– What has been your experience
– Do you have any tips you would be willing to share with me
– I am interested in a career/job that is similar to what you are doing. Would it be possible to meet with you for 20 minutes to ask you some questions about what you do
— What are your expectations of someone applying for a position here
– Would be open to me doing an information interview with someone on your staff
– Would you be comfortable having me job shadow you or one of your employees

Where Do You Find Out More:

– Call the Career Information Hotline in your area and ask for information on what services are available

– Call Student Finance Board of Advanced Education at Career Development in your area, and request pamphlets available for adults considering student loans

– Call the Tribal Administration Office for information on funding or training for Native groups. Funding may be accessible from your Band

– Call community agencies and ask what services they offer. Check the Yellow Pages and ask other people if they know the right place to go

– Call the local union that may have counsellors available for a broad range of services

– Call the career planning centres in universities, colleges, agencies and technical schools, such as:

– Community Colleges
– Technical Institutes
– Universities
– Workers’ Compensation Board
– Vocational colleges
– Youth Employment Centres
– Government or Provincial Employment Centres

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