Give your co-worker the benefit of the doubt.

Dealing with difficult co-workers is one of the leading causes of stress and anxiety. Our most significant setback is that not all of us are taking the necessary steps to cope with those people who make life unbearable for us at work.

One of the biggest challenges of dealing with difficult co-workers is that their behaviour can take many forms. If a colleague is negative or rude, it may require a different approach. Here are some general tips on how to cope with difficult co-workers.

” Last week, my boss hired a “trainee” straight out of college to work in our department. The problem is, this new “co-worker” of mine started acting like a prima donna. It has even made me think of quitting.”

Be also aware of your behaviour and work at changing them. Be sure to identify your weaknesses and strengths. You might not control the behaviour or change or attitudes of others, but you have the power to change yours.

Coping with a troublesome co-worker.

If that co-worker’s unpleasant behaviour interferes with how you do your job, you must find a way to solve it by not directly interfering with your job, and the best way is just to ignore it.

  • Criticizing your political or religious beliefs
  • Uncooperative
  • Absenteeism (with effects the team members)
  • Too much gossiping
  • Arrogant
    -Disrespectful to co-workers or supervisors
  • Unfriendly

The ability to get along with people, adapting to their different personalities, takes a certain degree of maturity, patience, understanding, and it is the essential factor in our workplace survival. No amount of college education will ensure professional behaviour. Workplace relationships are as crucial; it can even lead to the unhappiness of that person who can’t get along with everybody, or that person makes life miserable for others.

Try it out for yourself if talking to that person will solve the problem. If not, that is the perfect time to speak to your manager. Managers expect you to work out most of the issues with people who are on your level. Be sure you’ve tried everything, even a trusted mediator, before going to a higher standard.

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