Changing jobs has to be one of the more difficult decisions a person can make. Staying in the work environment, we are used to can sometimes be more comfortable than having to embrace uncertainty and having to prove your professional qualifications and credibility in a new workplace. The decision for change becomes that much more complicated if the unique job you want means changing your career. While you will face a challenge in trying to get the job that meets your new career objectives, writing your resume should not be one of them.

On the Internet alone, there are numerous resources for career changers. From helping you decide which career you are best suited for to providing helpful advice on how to succeed in your new job, you will find an overwhelming amount of resources to help you in your new journey. While most of the information you see will be helpful, be careful about the sources you utilize to put together the most powerful resume for your new career choice.

There are two essential elements to successfully creating a resume for a career changer: research and transferable skills. Most people put a lot of thought into changing careers. They consider their families, their living and financial situations, their competitive advantage in the new field, etc.

After you convince yourself that changing careers are the right thing to do, you will have to convince your potential employers to give you the job you are seeking. To do so, you have to do your research. Demonstrate to your employer that you have extensive knowledge of the industry, even if you don’t have the accompanying experience. Before you begin your new career, make sure that you understand what professional paths are available for you, and determine what your ultimate goal is, which will help you form the career objective for your resume.

Make sure to do your research on the company you are interested in and their competition. If you are interested in non-profit organizations, make sure to brush up on other organizations with similar missions. If invited for an interview, you will want to appear very knowledgeable not only about their company but the industry as a whole. You will have to convince your potential employer that you the best person for the job, better than the candidates with experience– to do that; you have to showcase not only your enthusiasm for the opportunity but your eagerness to learn and your knowledge about the field.

Transferable skills, those skills utilized in numerous areas, are also vital to a successful career change. Consider your qualifications to date. What experience have you acquired that are transferrable across industries? Transferable skills include verbal and written communication, people management, customer relations, organization and project management, development of new processes, generation of new ideas or concepts, etc. Such skills are adaptable to all organizations, and you should utilize them to showcase your qualifications for the job you are seeking. If you would like to ditch the 9-to-5 desk job for a hectic, unpredictable life of a high school teacher, let your potential employer know that your previous experience in leading by motivation makes you a perfect candidate for the job. Even if that marketing project you managed has nothing to do with teaching English composition.

Making a list of all your professional experiences and the qualifications needed for the job you are seeking will help you in determining which skills are transferable to your new career. Once you define your transferable skills, use a chronological resume with the right blend of skill sets and qualifications needed for the new job. Functional resumes tend not to get read as they are too vague and wordy in their presentation style: too confusing for the reader.

In addition to your resume, use your cover letter or email to let your potential employer know why you are changing careers, and that your new interest is not a passing one. Make sure that your resume reflects your newfound interest genuinely and professionally, and you are sure to have a successful career change.

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