Go through the transferable skills on this page and check off all the ones you have. Now, go through the list again and put a second checkmark beside your strengths– the things you do very well.

Go through the list a third time and circle the advantages that you enjoy using. These are your “motivated” skills. You will be more productive when a job enables you to use these skills.

Make a list of all your transferable skills.

Transferable Skills

Working With People Skills – Communicating Skills – Leadership Skills
_ assisting advising administering coaching communicating coaching
consulting interpreting conducting cooperating negotiating controlling
counselling persuading coordinating enforcing promoting deciding
helping presenting directing instructing summarizing facilitating
serving talking influencing teaching translating initiating (starting)
training writing

Information & Number Skills – Creative Skills
_ analyzing arranging managing budgeting cooking motivating
calculating creating negotiating checking demonstrating planning
evaluating designing recognizing inspecting developing reinforcing
memorizing devising rewarding ordering generating supervising
organizing _

Manual & Mechanical Skills
_ researching inventing adjusting reviewing originating constructing
scheduling performing installing selecting producing operating
verifying predicting repairing interviewing prospecting _

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