Research is More than Just Books When I think of research, I might see myself in the library digging into volumes of books. But research is more than just books. There are many different ways to study, and there are many places I can go to find out what I need to know. For example, when I meet a friend for coffee, I might talk about some of the choices I’m considering. My friend might share something with me that changes my whole perspective. Research is gathering information anywhere, anytime, with anyone. I can get information from:
People: Medias and Mediums:
People I know Newspapers
People in the occupation Books
 Career counselors and career consultants Magazines
Employers Videos
Teachers/instructors/professors Audiotapes
Coaches Computer programs
Druggists Self-study and distance learning materials
Postal Carriers T.V. specials
Dentists Radio
Doctors Trade Journals
Chiropractors Company annual reports
Former employers Libraries
Co-workers Labour Market
Casual acquaintances Information Centres
Supervisors Career Information Hotlines
Hairstylists Special interest groups
Clerks, customers, servers, bus/cab drivers Educational institutions
Family Private vocational schools
Friends Workshops and Conventions
Relatives Community organizations and agencies
Parents of children’s friends Businesses
Workshop participants and speakers Unions
Volunteers, members, coordinators and associates Professional and Trade Associations 
Bus passengers and sports spectators Newspaper, radio, television and internet
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