Because the job market has become increasingly competitive, employers can select their candidates from pools of highly educated, skilled employees.

If your level of education does not make you a competitive candidate, the impact of the layoff will be different for you than it is for someone who has the educational background to support them in their attempts to return to the workforce. It’s crucial here not to jump to conclusions about required education in a particular field, but to thoroughly research this aspect. For instance, it may be assumed they always prefer a degree over a certificate or diploma, but this is not still the case. In some fields, employers are more eager to hire an individual with more practical training or schooling obtained through a technical school or college, rather than the more academic background offered through many university programs.

Skill Transferability

If your skills are highly specialized in an industry experiencing huge cutbacks, you may find yourself faced with some hard decisions:

– relocating to an area where your skills are still in demand
– offering your services as a consultant
– reviewing your skills that are transferable to other sectors.

Support Systems

The level of support you have from family, friends and former colleagues will most certainly play a role in how well you adjust to the layoff. The tremendous benefits provided by a healthy support system discussed in other articles in this section of the website.

Previous Job Losses

The news of a layoff may affect you differently the second or third time you experience it. That is not to say it will make it easier, but some report that is knowing what to expect, and having survived it before, may ease the initial blow.

” I was at the bottom of the pole. I felt no resentment. I just figured I ‘d get back on the horse again and start looking. Gary, 34, civil technologist

If you find yourself experiencing repeated layoffs, it may be time to consider what you are doing is a contributing factor. Ask your former employers for feedback on your past performance and suggestions on how you can make yourself more competitive in the field.

Chances are your layoffs were not a result of performance issues. It may just be time for you to consider a new occupation, one in which there is more demand for workers.

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