Affirmations are an excellent way to improve self-esteem. These are positive, present-tense statements we say to ourselves about ourselves.


 Pick from your list of self-management skills five or six strengths that you feel best to describe you as a person. Write these strengths on a small card, a business card if you have one or an index card cut in half. Choose something you can carry easily in your wallet or purse.


Use these strengths as positive affirmations. Every time you repeat them, you are affirming and, therefore, reinforcing something positive about yourself.

Say them out loud using the words “I am” before each one. For example:

I am enthusiastic.
I am supportive.
I am caring.

Listen to how you sound. Convincing? Shy? Awkward? Don’t give up. You will feel more comfortable the more you practice. So practice your affirmations several times a day, which will increase your self-esteem and, in turn, your self-confidence. At the same time, you’ll be reinforcing those strengths that make you appealing to an employer.


 Notice how you behave when you are thinking positively. Observe how others respond to you. More positively? Right! They want to be around you. This exercise demonstrates the positive results you can create by merely changing your attitude about yourself.


 Affirmations are a powerful tool, but for them to work for you, you need to practice.

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