Rate your current competency in each skill listed below on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being high skill level). Identify the skills you would like to develop for future jobs with an asterisk (*).

Speaking – Ability to express oneself effectively in individual and group situations.

Listening – Ability to look actively for messages and feelings and to pick out relevant information in oral communications.

Writing – Ability to express ideas in a clear, concise, grammatically correct and appealing manner.

Reading – Ability to acquire facts and to understand the meaning of written communications.

Analyzing situations – Ability to identify the essential elements of a circumstance, concept or problem and the information required to resolve it.

Analyzing information – Ability to interpret available information about a situation, idea or problem.

Judgment – Ability to effectively evaluate situations and information and reach logical conclusions.

Decisiveness – Readiness to make decisions.

Planning and Organizing – Ability to effectively plan and organize one’s work and to direct and assist others in planning and to organize their work.

Delegating – Ability to delegate tasks clearly and efficiently while encouraging input and efficiency from subordinates and promoting their development.

Developing staff – Demonstrated ability to build teams and employees through coaching, training, role modelling, mentoring and supporting.

Negotiating – Ability to successfully reach an agreement with others in a manner that promotes the best interests of the company and reflects respect for and interest in the other party.

Controlling – Ability to use administrative controls effectively for monitoring and assessment functions.

Leadership – Ability to motivate a group or individual to accomplish a task.

Flexibility – Ability to modify one’s approach and behaviour as needed.

Interpersonal sensitivity – Awareness and consideration of the needs and feelings of others.

Initiative – Ability to motivate oneself to take decisive actions.

Creativity – Ability to generate innovative solutions for problem situations.

Enthusiasm – Ability to maintain a positive outlook and a positive approach to problem-solving and to demonstrate interest and commitment.

Energy – Ability to approach one’s work activities with vigour, action, and interest.

Cooperativeness – Ability to work effectively with others and to respect differences.

Reliability – Ability to attend work regularly, be punctual, follow through on commitments and meet deadlines.

Self-development – Developing skills to be more efficient; obtaining feedback for further development.

Regard for others – Ability to respect the work and dignity of others regardless of nationality, region, age, sex, marital status or other areas of difference.

Stress management – Ability to cope productively with situations and workload, maintaining a balance n life through the practical use of leisure/recreation time.

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