Review this list and check all the self-management skills you have.  Review the list again and put a second checkmark beside your strengths. Using the Skills Inventory blog on this site, list your self-management skill strengths in the appropriate column.
Self-Management Skills
____ accepting____ entertaining____ precise
____ achieving____ enthusiastic____ productive
____ active____ expressive____ professional
____ adventurous____ fair-minded____ quick
____ affectionate____ friendly____ rational
____ ambitious____ gentle____ realistic
____ articulate____ genuine____ reassuring
____ assertive____ good-natured____ receptive
____ attractive____ graceful____ responsive
____ caring____ happy____ self-aware
____ charismatic____ helpful____ self-confident
____ charming____ humorous____ sensitive
____ cheerful____ imaginative____ serious
____ committed____ independent____ service-oriented
____ compassionate____ insightful____ sincere
____ confident____ intelligent____ skillful
____ congenial____ intuitive____ sociable
____ conscientious____ knowledgeable____ spontaneous
____ considerate____ likeable____ steady
____ cooperative____ logical____ stimulating
____ creative____ objective____ strong
____ dedicated____ open-minded____ sympathetic
____ dependable____ optimistic____ talented
____ determined____ orderly____ thoughtful
____ disciplined____ organized____ tolerant
____ distinctive____ original____ trusting
____ dynamic____ out-going____ truthful
____ efficient____ patient____ unique
____ empathetic____ perceptive____ unpretentious
____ encouraging____ persistent____ vigorous
____ energetic____ persuasive____ warm
____ enterprising____ poised

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