Here’s an opportunity for you to evaluate your attitude towards others and avoid situations. This survey may help you to assess how positive or negative you tend to be overall and determine if any areas need some attention. Beside each question, write the number that most closely represents your answer most of the time. Go with your first reaction!
3 – Mostly Yes2- Sometimes1 – Mostly No
1.Am I friendly?
2.Do I refrain from being a complainer?
3.Can I be optimistic when others are depressed?
4.Do I have a sense of duty and responsibility?
5.Do I control my temper?
6.Do I speak well of my employer?
7.Do I feel well most of the time?
8.Do I follow directions willingly, asking questions when necessary?
9.Do I keep promises?
10.Do I organize my work and keep up with it?
11.Do I readily admit my mistakes?
12.Is it easy for me to like nearly everyone?
13.Can I stick to a tiresome task without being prodded?
14.Do I realize my weaknesses and attempt to correct them?
15.Can I take being teased?
16.Do I avoid feeling sorry for myself?
17.Am I courteous to others?
18.Am I neat in my appearance and work habits?
19.Do I respect the opinions of others?
20.Can I adapt to new and unexpected situations readily?
21.Am I tolerant of other people’s beliefs?
22.Do I refrain from sulking when things go differently than I’d like?
23.Am I a good listener?
24.Am I the kind of friend I would like others to be?
25.Can I disagree without being disagreeable?
26.Am I generally punctual?
27.Do I consider myself a courteous driver?
28.Do I generally speak well of others?
29.Can I take criticism without being resentful or feeling hurt?
30.Do I generally look at the bright side of things?
31.Can I work with someone I dislike?
32.Am I pleasant to others even when I feel displeased about something?
33.Am I enthusiastic about the interests of others?
34.Do I tend to be enthusiastic about whatever I do?
35.Am I honest and sincere with others?

Scoring: There are 35 questions; the maximum score would be 105. Total your score and rate yourself according to the following scale:

5 – 105Your positives are terrific!
75 – 94Your positives are admirable!
45 – 74Your positive attitude needs more polish in certain areas.
Below 45Your positives have almost fizzled out. Take a close look at your attitude. You may need to pay particular attention to those questions you answered with a 1. Can you see any room for improvement here?
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