According to Eastern tradition, there are three treasures on the pathway to enlightenment: simplicity, patience, and compassion. At first glance, such simple ideas. After contemplation, one quickly recognizes: it’s these basic thoughts when woven into the day that can lead each of us to a contemplative, peaceful and more fulfilling life.

In this short article then, I invite you to take a page from Eastern religion: explore the three treasures and become aware of your relationship to them.


The first treasure: simplicity. Simplicity in thought and action. According to author Thomas Cleary in his translation of Taoist Meditation, simplicity leads the seeker on the way. The simplicity of thought, he tells us, can often be brought about by silence. And in the quiet, we gain personal wisdom. If finding 10 or 20 minutes each day to rest quietly or meditate could bring you closer to peace, would you be more conscientious in devoting this time?

The simplicity of action, however, feels a more significant challenge. It involves priorities and discovering what is truly important. Here’s how I handle this: When feeling overwhelmed by my “to-do list,” I create a game by challenging myself to let go of everything I do not need. Then, I remove as many things as I can from my list. What is left are those items of most significant importance. I devote as much time necessary to completing each task with joy and precision.

Try it now. What can you remove from the task list today that could bring you closer to simplifying your life? Where will you place your attention?


Treasure number two: patience. Yes, the virtue. And just like the simplicity, until completed, it is also a challenge to move slowly through tasks to remain calm when dealing with someone outrageous. I’ve found that we are often mirroring images of others and attract to our parts of ourselves, which is essential to note as it could manifest positive or negative events, depending on mindset. In this light, Antalya Vanzant reminds us to keep thoughts pure. She tells us to say ourselves: “I will gain more understanding when I realize … how I interpret what comes to me is a reflection of what is in me.” When faced with a situation requiring patience, ask yourself: Am I casting a positive image?

In this framework, more of my wisdom comes from author Richard Carlson in his new book: Easier Than You Think. In it, he explains, when we are with someone, we should make every effort to pay expert attention to that person, which engages them and often can diffuse a stressful situation by just making them feel important. With this in mind, the next time you participate in a conversation or even a casual chat with someone: ask yourself if you are creating a role model’s image.


Compassion is the third treasure. I often liken it to empathy. Although we can not always know what it is like to be another, we can value everyone’s need to be heard. Conflict or anger is often a cry for help. We simply need to be aware of our circumstances to create compassion in our lives. We will need to assist others as we become more enlightened vessels of peace. Events will come to us as a reflection of what we need to heal ourselves.

Thomas Cleary reminds us we should always act sincerely. In Taoist Meditation, he writes: “to choose what is good and hold onto it firmly is a matter of sincerity.” Compassion, as well, challenges us to define what is most important to us and a reoccurring theme throughout the three treasures. To me, this involves being awake and aware in our lives to see how we are available to give sincerity and service.

Today, be aware of the ways spirit is working through you. Remember: You are the vessel of peace for others and the world. I believe, the more we become vulnerable to trust and open ourselves to sincerity, the more we can allow compassionate behaviour into our lives and become enlightened every day.

In Conclusion

It is my wish these positive ideas enhance your life and bring you peace. Be conscious every day of the messages you are receiving, the people you meet, your experiences. It is incredible the way these simple ideas can enrich your life exponentially. Go forth then, and be aware. Place your attention on the three treasures: in the darkness, they will bring you light.

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