Developing our concepts will assist us in conjuring up new ideas and perceptions that lead us to heal the hidden self. Through theorizing, shuffling, and developing new ideas, we can change our view of life by changing our fundamental beliefs and perceptions.

The typical human must consistently maneuver through the healing process by re-training selves to think positively and seek success. Believing that you have the power to succeed will assist you with approaches you will need to take to live a better life. You will react differently in each situation, which better decision-making will allow you to reap the rewards.

Healing the private self and your self-perceptions will take you a long way to success since you will shuffle through your failures to avoid making redundant mistakes. Our inner self-perceptions are significant influences in our life. We must endeavour to change the misconceptions that lead us astray to ensure that we are developing positive self-perceptions. We must continue to attain more success in our life. Healing of the private self and the way we believe and perceive will open the doors; typically, we may close in our face. By changing the way one thinks and views, it can help one to develop and grow into a well-rounded, balanced person.

Concepts are our origin. From the start, we all develop ideas, notions, thoughts, etc. from influences, impressions, observation, educational sources, parents, and so on. We develop hypotheses and insights from our understanding of the way we comprehend and perceive.

By understanding our ways of learning, we can shuffle through the mud puddles successfully, reform, and transform the mind. Still, consider all behaviours and habits.

Behaviours and habits form from our conceptions rather than the influences that leave impressions on the way we perceive. The Bible tells us that “Bad influences,” reflect on our personality and understandings and ultimately can encourage bad behaviours and habits. Useful patterns then must be developed through positive influences.

With this fact in sight, now you can work on healing the self by examining your influences. Think of the people in your life. If these people are not bringing something to your table, thus they are only hindering you from healing the hidden self. You must consider removing bad influences; otherwise, you may stay stuck in the same pattern.

Who are the influences?
Influences are people, places, things, et cetera. Consider all the nouns, and you will find the answer. Influences include effects, stimulus, inspirations, persuasion, manipulations, control, authority, pressure, weight, power, etc. and all forces shape our personality.

When you examine influences in your life, also consider your environment. Does your situation hinder you in some way from achieving your goal to heal the hidden self? If so, then you must consider moving to a better environment.

Does your job hinder you from achieving your goal to heal the hidden self? Despite that, employees and employers may have a positive attitude that reflects on you, and your job may have a powerful influence that affects your life. For example, if positive attitudes surround an artist working in a Pop Shop, they will feel a sense of emptiness. Thus, to relieve the vacuum, this person must explore his abilities, skills, potentials, etc. and move to change his career. Only until the artist finds his purpose in life will he find a sense of healing of the hidden self.

We must also consider our central beliefs to adapt to new concepts and ideas that assist us with healing the hidden self.