” Approaching the future is like paddling a canoe down a river. There’s whitewater ahead, uncertainty around the next bend and no turning back. Rather than clinging to the shore or back paddling, furiously, the canoeist must go with the flow, reading the water ahead and responding with a skillful paddle.”– Ruben Newlson, Canadian Futurist

How will you ensure you’ll be able to stay in the mainstream and avoid going aground? If your canoe tips, can you right-it and get back on course? Alertness and adaptability are keys to managing the transition.

  1. Recognize changes going on in the workplace, such as the introduction of technologies and the hiring of different kinds of workers. Notice what types of work are becoming redundant. Think about how these changes might affect you.
  1. Anticipate your employer’s needs and ways you can fill them. Become a “value-added” employee– one your employer wouldn’t let go.
  1. Think like an entrepreneur — anticipate the needs of business and your community. Are there ways you could fill those needs as a contract employee or by running your own business?
  1. Watch for and seize opportunities for upgrading and diversifying your work and professional skills.
  2. Develop your job search; keep your resume up to date. Learn to market yourself.

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