There are many Advanced Education and Career Development Centres in your area that offers a variety of workshops free of charge, including the following:

– Career Planning
– Children, Challenges and Choices
– Single Parent Planning for Tomorrow
– Choices Preparation
– Finding Your Job
– Identifying Your Skills
– Increasing Your Job Satisfaction
– Interviews
– Making a Change
– Occupational Choice
– Transitions
– Information from Media – newspapers, books, magazines, trade journals, videos, audiotapes, computer programs, self-study and other resources

What subjects to look for:

– Career planning
– Job search
– Occupations
– Future trends
– Labour market information
– Business
– Workplace
– And of much more

Where to get this information

Libraries, Labor Market Information Centres, bookstores and newsstands carrying copies of daily newspapers from a variety of cities and a wide range of books, publications and other recent materials.

Important things to check out

– Check the business section to find out what future trends are occurring, possible opportunities for employment and information on the labour market
– Other articles in the newspaper carry information on new developments and job opportunities as well as information on how to live a more balanced lifestyle
– Beware of the “no experience necessary” ads in the classified sections. No experience indicates inadequate wages or straight commission work
– Beware of books and publications that claim to have all the answers
– Check the publishing date to make sure that the book or the paper is recent
– Ask people who work in libraries and Labor Market Information Centres the titles of books or articles that think will be helpful. Where is the book published? Is it Canadian or American? Who is the publisher?
– Some sources with limited focus may only show one point of view.

It is essential to follow several leads to an increase in your perspective and options.

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