To experience some stress or anxiety in a job search is reasonable. There is a lot at stake. You’ll perform more efficiently if you can manage the stress. Here are some techniques for doing this:

1. Just before going into the interview, practise deep breathing to slow your heart rate and calm yourself so you can concentrate on what you want to say. With feet flat on the floor and head erect, sit up straight, take a deep breath, and very slowly exhale through your mouth. Repeat two or three times and feel your heart and blood pressure slow down.

2. While deep breathing or immediately after, repeat some positive affirmations mentally: I am relaxed and confident. I can handle anything that comes up in the interview. I’m an excellent communicator. I’m an ideal candidate for the job. I have a great deal to offer this company. Be prepared.

3. Review and reaffirm several particular strengths you bring to the job.

4. Visualize yourself in the interview. Form a mental picture of who is in the room. See yourself looking poised, confident and relaxed, responding to the questions with ease. Observe the positive reaction of the interviewers. As you “rehearse” like this in a positive way, you reduce the fear of the unknown and minimize negative thoughts and expectations.

5. Being well prepare is probably the best antidote for pre-interview nervousness.

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