Enjoyment and satisfaction come from the way people see their work. Those who take pride in doing a job well, putting others at ease and contributing their best, can apply their attitudes to any situation, glamorous or ordinary, exciting or routine, transforming it into the best it can be.

Maybe you feel you’re in work that doesn’t allow you to get much personal satisfaction. There are creative ways to make every job more enjoyable and exciting.

People who have a positive approach toward their work also have a positive attitude toward their lives. It’s a mindset that transforms what could be harmful or dull into a beneficial or exciting experience. Building more satisfaction in our jobs may mean approaching them with some creativity. Having a positive outlook and approach is critical.

Tips for Putting More Pizzazz Into the Job

  1. Have daily personal competitions with yourself. See if you can better you last day’s performance.
  2. Change your daily routine. Try a new approach or change the order of your tasks.
  3. Personalize your work surroundings. Rearrange the furniture; put up posters, pictures, wall hangings, and plants; or switch work areas with a co-worker.
  4. Liven up your lunch breaks. Meet a friend, go for a brisk walk, play racquetball, jog, swim or exercise, get involved in playing cards or games, do handicrafts, catch up on your reading or personal correspondence, picnic in a park or get to know your co-workers.
  5. Move on to a favourite task after completing a less attractive one.
  6. Talk to your supervisor about taking on additional tasks or learning new skills. Offer to share some of your expertise and knowledge.
  7. Participate in or help to organize staff functions and activities after or on the job – such as picnics, sports events, and staff get-togethers.
  8. See how many people you can make happy.
  9. Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you have done something well. Even if you don’t receive praise from your supervisor, tell yourself you did an excellent job.
  10. View your present job as a stepping stone to something more fulfilling, if it doesn’t offer you all of the stimulation or challenges you want. Every job experience has some benefit to you.

No matter what our work is or why we work, being positive and having a positive approach toward things can make our lives and work richer and more enjoyable. That’s not to say that if we’re finding things just don’t feel right at work, it’s because we’re not positive. We may be working at jobs where we don’t necessarily agree with the values promoted. For example,

if you value honesty and integrity, and your employer expects you to make claims about a product or service you know are not true, and then you probably would not feel comfortable doing so. We should take a closer look at the values of our workplace to see whether or not we are in sync and the right place.

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