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What was important to us when we first started to work may be entirely different 10, 20 or 30 years later. For example, young adult workers in their first full-time jobs may value money, competition and recognition of achievement. After years in the workforce, although they still need money, they may also want a position to provide them with more challenges and opportunities for doing their best, socializing and learning from others, self-improvement, and giving direction and leadership.

You will want to re-evaluate your present values about work now and then, particularly when you begin to feel less confident about your job. At that point, you should recall what you value about work overall, and then critically look at if you are meeting your particular needs and values and which are not. Examine what has changed.

But for now, how do we concentrate on developing and maintaining a positive outlook on the job? We can do this by looking closely at some topics that provide us with the ideas and tools to use; themes such as time management and working well with others.

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