Portfolios are the new kid on the block in term marketing tools. An employment portfolio is a portable collection of documents and materials, each of which demonstrates one or more of your competencies. The portfolio is to market yourself by providing concrete evidence of your abilities.

With a portfolio, not only will you be able to tell about yourself, but also show what you have accomplished to prospective employers.


So what exactly is IN a portfolio? Any sample something you have achieved that demonstrates the skills that are particularly relevant in your field of work. You could include copies of certificates and awards, anything you created, letters of commendation, articles by you or about you, copies of presentations and publications, items exhibiting projects you have coordinated or led, and photographs, flyers or brochures about these projects. This list is by no means comprehensive but intended to get you thinking. Each person’s portfolio will be’ different, a reflection of that individual’s n qualities.


Select from your collection two or three items that demonstrate each of the competencies you want to highlight. These items should be:

  • relevant to your field
  • new samples
  • your best samples



Organize your samples in a professional format, which could be a file folder with pockets; a binder with rings, dividers, and pages with plastic sleeves; a computer disk; audio or videotape. Take the time to do a professional job on your samples, format and organization so that your portfolio shows well and gives a good impression of your abilities. Organize the sequence of your materials for presentation to your intended audience.

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