Use the information interview to gather detailed information on particular choices. You don’t have to risk very much when you do an informational interview. All you have to do is find out who you want to interview, set up a list of questions you want to ask, contact the person and do the interview.

By doing information interviews, you get used to talking to people.

You are the one asking the questions, so it is much more comfortable than a job interview. The interview is an excellent way to become familiar with the workplaces and people you may see in future job interviews.

You can conduct the information interview from many points of view. You can interview the people you know to find out how they can help you. You can interview people in your fields of interest. When your job interview didn’t get you the job, you could call the interviewers to find out why you didn’t get the job. The meeting gives you valuable information on whether you need more qualifications or more experience. You might even discover that you were perfect for the job, but there was someone already in place, and an interview was just a formality.

Be Prepared:
– Write out the list of questions before the information interview.
– Bring the list of items, some paper, a pen and a clipboard to write on.
– Be courteous, ask for only 10 minutes and be punctual. Start and end the meeting according to the timelines set.
– Tell the person why you are interviewing them
– Send a thank-you note.

Possible Questions:
– How did you get interested in this kind of work?
– What qualifications and skills do you have and need for this type of work?
– How did you get hired?
– How would you describe a typical day at work?
– What is the most exciting and enjoyable part of this job for you?
– What is the least exciting and interesting?
– What are some of the challenges or problems you face in this kind of work?
– What attitudes are necessary to have in this type of work?
– May I call you again?

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