Make your school activities count. Sports, clubs, projects – they’re part of your work experience and can be added to your resume.

– Research the job you want. Read the Help Wanted ads on the internet to see what’s available. Meet with employers to ask them about job openings. Talk to people working in similar jobs.

– Know the job. What do you have to do? An employer is more inclined to hire someone familiar with the business than someone who isn’t.

– Dress appropriately for the interview. Let the company know you think it’s a momentous occasion.

– Be enthusiastic but not animated. Don’t be afraid to let the manager know you want this job.

– Don’t lie about your experiences. You risk getting fired and provided a wrong reference.

– Follow up with a phone call or return visit. If you’ve handed out a resume or gone for an interview, it’s okay to find out what decision an employer has made. If you don’t get this job, ask if the employer will have future openings or knows of any other positions within the company.

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