What is a positive affirmation? It is a conscious effort to feed your psyche positive, uplifting, or inspiring messages, which will lead to having a positive, uplifting or inspiring life. Sounds good doesn’t, it? It’s simple to practice, and the benefits are lasting. After all, there are few things stronger or more important than the human psyche.

Your psyche determines how much you enjoy your life, how good you feel, how pleasant you are to other people, your goal-setting abilities, your attitude, and pretty much everything about your temperament, your moods and your behaviour. Your psyche is who you are. And wouldn’t you like that ‘who’ to be a better person?

Here are some great positive affirmations you can use in your everyday life:
I am happy with my life!
I am grateful for my family and friends!
I am grateful to have people who love and care about me!
I accept myself the way I am!
I accept other people the way they are!
No matter what is going on, it’s only temporary!
I can handle anything that life throws at me!
I am always striving to do better!
I will learn from my mistakes!
Life is a gift, and I will enjoy it!

These are just a few examples, but feel free to come up with your own and change them depending on your situation. Start feeling better about yourself, your life and your circumstances today!

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