Are you listening to that little voice in your head telling you how much you dislike your job? If not, you may become angry with those around you, when in fact, you’ll be mad at yourself for failing to take the necessary steps to change your career– or job within the same industry. Career change is not always easy. For some, the simple task of deciding what to do is often the hardest part. For others who know what they want to do, they often feel it will take too long to achieve their career goals when there are bills to pay.

It is even more complicated when those around us do not understand our “crazy ideas” because they are too practical to make sacrifices for the sake of happiness. So what should you do to steer your career in the right direction without upsetting the family and draining your bank account? Here are a few suggestions to get you on the right career track to job fulfilment.

Work for yourself Doesn’t quit your day job just yet. Launching a business is a challenge in itself. Regardless of size, any profitable business takes a lot of planning, development, and maintenance to compete and stay in business. The key to successful business ownership begins with a passion for doing something you enjoy, followed by a financial investment that depends on the company. Sometimes it is minimal, requiring small space and general office equipment. For more significant ventures, a business loan from a bank or the SBA might be necessary. Still, it takes time to turn a profit right away. So, if you can, start small while working full time and gradually build your business until you feel secure enough financially to leave that steady paycheck to take your business to the next level. You can always hire part-time employees, student interns, friends, and family members to help you at the beginning and the long run.

Attend college or vocational training school. You don’t always need to attend college full time. If you took a few classes each semester, you ‘d be amazed how happy you ‘d be just knowing you are working towards your goal. And, it doesn’t always need to be a four-year college. Maybe there is a vocational school that offers the type of academic training you need to make a career change in a shorter time for a fraction of the cost. Other options include distance learning programs where you can study in the comfort of your own home at your own pace.

Change jobs internally. Sometimes happiness is only a department away! If you work for a proactive company that posts job openings internally, this might be the perfect opportunity for you to change careers while growing with the same company. Your career change can be very drastic if you have a supportive company that is willing to train you. Best of all, they might even pay for you to attend college to prepare you for that career change. If they don’t post internally, keep your ears open to learn about new business developments within the company. Speak with your human resources representative to inquire about career growth opportunities and what you need to do to make a career change internally.

Create a position at your current company. Sometimes you know better than anyone in the company what is needed. If you can put a business plan together to present to management, illustrating how this new idea would benefit the company financially and logistically. You might succeed at creating a new position– or even a new department, which is a great way to do what you do best in new capacity because you will be the person who will determine what the job description will be. Pretty cool!

You can transition to a new career by answering an employment ad. Again, don’t quit your job just yet. When you have a job, you are always more marketable. If you are ready to take drastic measures to find overnight career happiness, you should have your resume and cover letter professionally prepared to answer those classified ads in the newspaper or online. Even if you are exploring the possibility of changing careers, this is an excellent exercise to see how marketable you are (how much money you can make), develop your interviewing skills, and learn about what’s out there beyond the walls of your office cubicle!

Go back to what you used to do– and love Sounds crazy, right? How many times have you heard someone say, “I used to work doing such and such? It didn’t pay that well, but I loved it.” It is not uncommon to leave what we love because it doesn’t pay the bills. Money seems like everything these days. But, when we’re unhappy, we know it’s not. We need to find a compromise– something we enjoy doing that will make us want to get up every morning so we can live that adage that claims you’ll never work a day in your life if you work at doing what you love.

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