Stress, crisis, or change can cause a person to behave in a manner different from what would be considered “normal” for that person. Job loss is no exception.

The changes in behaviour could range from moderate to extreme, and in some cases, may warrant serious consideration. Complete the following questionnaire concerning your behavioural reaction to your job loss.

Place a checkmark beside the statement(s) that describe your behaviours.

_ withdrawing from social contact. _ watching excessive amounts of T.V.
_ staying home, avoiding going out. _ experiencing changes in sleeping patterns.
_ experiencing changes in eating habits. _ failing to contribute at home.
_ being short-tempered, irritable having mood swings, emotional outbursts. _ worrying, excessively blaming.
_ experiencing crying spells. _ arguing with others.
_ bossing others around. _ acting like a martyr, poor me behaviour.
_ being excessively stubborn. _ being cynical, adverse, antagonistic.
_ alienating yourself – “nobody cares. ” _ avoiding talking.
_ reduced sex drive. _ loss of intimacy.
_ excessive drinking. _ excessive smoking.
_ excessive use of prescription drugs. _ using illegal substances.
_ being more accident-prone. _ engaging in high-risk activities.
_ driving carelessly. _ abusing spouse, children, pets (mentally, emotionally, physically).
__ physical outbursts (hitting, kicking, etc.).

NOTE: If you feel these behaviours are excessive and are interfering with moving on with your life, you may wish to consider seeking the support and guidance of a professional counsellor.

After assessing your behaviour changes, consider the impact of any self-defeating habits you are engaging in, and the impact of your behaviour changes on those around you.

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