Ask yourself, “Why is work important to me?” Think of your personal values that you need to have fulfilled by a job. The following survey may help you better understand why you work.

  1. Think about how you would respond if someone asked you, “What is it that you like about working?”.
  2. Look at the following list, and check off those needs and values that you consider to be most important. Choose as many as possible.

– having control over the work activities of others
– competition
– status/prestige
– money
– working alone
– self-worth/well-being
– having a sense of success or accomplishment
– self-improvement and growth
– socializing and working with people
– time freedom (no specific working hours required)
– being recognized and appreciated
– providing quality service work
– being creative
– being the best
– helping/caring
– hard work
– providing direction and leadership
– having vision (seeing the broad picture/issues)
– enjoyable and exciting work
– pleasant work environment and atmosphere

  1. Jot down any other needs and values not listed here

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